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19 All Over the Place Spoken-Word Poems

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All Over the Place by Marisa McFarlane is the first installment of a spaztastic three-ebook series of Spoken-Word and Illustrations entitled Funktional (previously called Life'Scrap, But Fun K). The pieces become longer and more detailed or theme-oriented with each installment. All of the parts were written throughout McFarlane’s life from high school to college and grad school.

This first part in particular took three months to collect, edit, illustrate, and finalize. These mashups of words and images are expressions of passion and creativity as well as notes to combat depression and insecurities.


The editing and layout of the pieces reflects how they are performed through Spoken-Word, which is spoken and heard. Topics therein include love, loneliness, braggadocio / self-help, alter-egos, relationship building, fun gibberish and random thoughts, reactions to art, personal life stories, and random questioning of life.

The author declares her biracial ancestry and feminine identity through wordsmith rhymes and colorful imagery. She is writing from the perspective of a young woman of color finding her self and exploring her worldview. These words and worlds of hers have been poured out for readers to eat as food for thought.

For dessert, illustrations appear as letters sparking the start of each piece, as well as visual representations of the titles and meanings of a few of the pieces. The illustrations were all hand-drawn and then polished using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The visual art heightens the significance of the pieces and gives readers more creative insight into the mélange of methods Marisa uses express herself. 

This project is an experiment to break into the world of writing and publishing with music and performance always in mind. She has many more ideas for art projects, such as another full-length music album and a children's book. Eat up the brain candy... 

Illustrations from the e-book






Creating through relatin’


I’m waitin’

For you to have some patience

And listen to what I’m sayin’

Ya dig?

Fo shig-a-delsky

Tell me

Like it is

Stop the hatin’ and wastin’

My time

The minutes


From defiance

Thru silence

Let it out

Can’t keep hiding

Behind it

Say what needs to be said

Lay it down for me

So I can see

Your thoughts clearly in my head

Cover up lies with the truth instead

Cause I got news to spread

With a groove that’s steady

And I’m ready

To listen and be listened to

And in a few

Your mind will let your vision view

The reality


It had to be me

To break you out of that fantasy

Cause the truth is vital

And I hate being lied to

So why feud

Over the




Or if I knew

That was a part of you

This wouldn’t be as hard to do


Chitta chattin’


To let me know what’s happenin’


Wit cha

I wanna get a mental picture

And not get mixed up

What’s up?


Chitta chattin’


To let me know what’s happenin’


Wit cha


Statin’ thoughts through conversations


I’m sayin’